older woman in bathtubDevices to Enhance Safety and Independence in the Bathroom

While bathroom safety is a priority for everyone, it is the foremost concern of people who are susceptible to injuries resulting from slips and falls in the bathroom. This group includes people who need assistance while using the shower or toilet, as well as people living alone. For these people, minor water spills or wet towels on the floor can potentially cause injuries that have prolonged recovery times.

Senior citizens are often prone to such injuries as they get older, as are people with special mobility requirements. In both cases, bathrooms need to be specially customized to provide a safe environment that minimizes the risk of injuries.

Elevated Toilet Seats

An elevated or raised toilet seat is a device that attaches to the toilet and raises its level, thereby making it easy to sit on and get off the toilet with minimal strain. These seats are bolted to pre-existing seats and raise the sitting level between 2 and 5 inches, while providing a stable surface for the user to get on and get off the seat. MEDIchair offers a selection of raised toilet seats, each of which is customized to specific mobility needs and requirements. Yet, there are several important features they all have in common: they all have large cut-out surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, and they are all designed to be antibacterial. Most importantly, these seats ensure a user’s comfort without compromising stability.

invacare raised toilet seatMEDIchair offers variations of these toilet seats to better address certain accessibility and comfort needs. Some elevated toilet seats are hinged and –depending on the model in question –the raiser and/or lid can be lifted up or down as required. This feature is especially useful while cleaning the toilet. The Invacare Raised Toilet Seat, for instance, has a hinged lid, which can be easily raised or detached. Hinged raisers and lids are also preferred by people who want their toilet to maintain its original aesthetic.

Another variation of the basic elevated toilet seat is one that has arms, like the Invacare Raised Toilet Seat with Lid and Arms. This seat has easy grip handles for the arms that provide the user with some extra support while rising from the seat. For people with weak legs or for older people with poor balance, this extra assistance can go a long way towards establishing a feeling of independence in the bathroom, and minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

Bathtub and Shower Safety

MEDIchair offers bath and shower seats, which are special chairs that are designed to make it safer for the user to use her/his bathtub. These chairs are made to fit the dimensions of a bathtub, and provide optimal support to users as they bathe. They are especially useful for people who live alone, and want to continue to remain independent.

MEDIchair has a large selection of bath and shower seats, depending on the needs of the user. There are several features that are common to all seats: they are easy to assemble, lightweight and rust-resistant, and use mechanisms such as suction tips to keep them stable while the user bathes. These chairs also have strategically placed holes that make them porous, keeping water from gathering for long periods of time.

drive medical deluxe aluminum bath seatThe Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminum Bath Seat offers all the features listed above, as well as back support. This chair is particularly comfortable and allows the user to bathe with comfort and ease. It is easy to assemble and maintain, and indispensable for people who need additional lumbar support.

Other Assistive Devices in the Bathroom

There are several other devices that can be used in the bathroom to enhance a person’s feeling of security, and to safeguard against slips and falls. Some of these devices are as simple as extended hand held shower hoses for people using bath chairs, such as the Invacare Royal Massage Hand Shower Kit. MEDIchair also offers a number of Grab Bars and Support Rails that can be attached to the tub or other parts of the bathroom for additional assistance.

Other devices like the transfer bench perform the more complex function of helping the user in to and out of the bathtub with ease. These benches are position to have two feet outside the bathtub, and two feet inside. The user sits on the bench with her/his feet outside, and then steadily re-positions herself/himself to move her/his torso and feet into the tub. Different models of transfer benches offer specific features to cater to any mobility requirement. For instance, the Invacare Transfer Bench offers a padded vinyl seat as well as a handle for extra support. Another possible feature is the additional commode that is part of the Drive Medical Combo Padded Transfer Bench & Commode; this transfer bench is shaped to include a commode, and comes with a commode bucket as well.

Issues of bathroom safety can be difficult to talk about with your caregiver or your loved one, but it is an important conversation to have since there are several solutions to address these issues. MEDIchair’s bathroom safety offering can go a long way towards help people with mobility or accessibility requirements stay safe in the bathroom, at all times. To get this conversation started, or to simply find out more, contact a MEDIchair technician today.