Daily Living Aids

As we age, it’s easy to run across challenges with activities and functions we used to take for granted.

Are you having difficulty with some of these activities?

  • Putting on your shoes?
  • Opening doors?
  • Getting in and out of your vehicle?
  • Reaching and picking up items?
  • Dressing independently?
  • Eating?
  • Cooking?

Most of our customers know that we supply a wide range of products. However, many are unaware we carry a wide range of inexpensive Aids for Daily Living (ADLs) to make life much easier. ADLs are not easily found in general retail stores. As the “Home Medical Equipment Specialists” though, most MEDIchair stores stock a generous supply of ADLs or we can order them in for you.

Let's see which ADLs can solve the challenges listed above:

Putting on your shoes– Use elastic laces rather than regular shoe laces. Double-knot the elastic laces so they stay in place. And purchase a long-handled shoehorn to use with your elastic laces. These two items will make putting your shoes on a breeze!

Opening doors– Arthritis is a very common condition as we age. And this can make opening a door or using a key very problematic. Rubber doorknob grips added to your door knob will provide you with the solution. Key turners are grasped with a full hand and provides added leverage for turning keys.

Getting in and out of your vehicle– We see this as a very common problem amongst our clients. If it’s taking you a lot of effort and time to do this, know you do not need to suffer any longer. A Handy Bar portable support handle provides optimal leverage. A swivel transfer disc is like a “lazy susan” for humans; place this on your vehicle seat before sitting down and it makes turning your body easier. If you have very limited leg strength, a leg lifter will allow you to lift your legs independently as you enter and exit your vehicle.

Reaching and picking up items– Very commonly after surgery, clients come in to buy a reacher because their rehabilitation requires them not to bend at the knees or the hips. A reacher is a great device to grab something high or low or in a tight space. Are you grabbing heavy or large items? Do you have arthritis or are recovering from a stroke? Inquire with your local MEDIchair store for the reacher model which would be right for you.

Dressing independently– This is an activity most prefer to do on their own. Troubles putting on or taking off your socks? Use a sock aid or stocking aid. Difficulty with buttons or zippers? Try a buttonhook or zipper pull.

Eating– Health and medical conditions can create challenges in eating independently. Items such as thick-handled cutlery, scoop plate, nosey cup, cup holder and bib can correct this situation very easily.

Cooking– For the consummate chef who wants to continue cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we carry helpful products such as single-hand cutting boards, ergonomic knives and easy openers for cans, can tabs, bottle caps and jars. You’ll also find useful unique devices such as stove knob turners and oven rack pullers.

When you encounter functional difficulties in your home, explain this to one of our highly-trained staff and you’ll be amazed at what we can recommend for you. Life should be easier… and we can assist you in accomplishing this!