older woman with daughter and granddaughterYour Guide to Buying an Adjustable Bed

People purchase adjustable beds for several reasons: as solutions to specific medical problems, to improve the quality of sleep, and for general use. The primary advantage of an adjustable bed is that it allows the user to control the elevation of the head and foot of the bed for better body positioning. Adjustable beds give their users flexibility, and help them achieve a greater degree of comfort.

Who needs an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds drastically improve the mobility of people who have been diagnosed with conditions like sleep apnea, diabetes, sinusitis and arthritis. They are tremendously beneficial to people with respiratory problems because they allow users to gradually ease themselves into the upright position without compromising on comfort. Adjustable beds provide relief to people suffering from insomnia, acid reflux, poor circulation, and back and neck tension. These beds also make it easy for people with spinal injuries and hip and back problems to sleep better because they beds contour the natural shape of the spine.

golden hybrid bedAdjustable beds are not just for people diagnosed with medical conditions. They are also beneficial for pregnant women during the later stages of pregnancy as these beds make it easier for them get in and out of bed with ease. Moreover, adjustable beds are a great way to watch TV, use a laptop or read in bed.

Do all adjustable beds offer the same features?

Adjustable beds offer a variety of features and control settings depending on your requirements. While making your selection, ask about the control features of your adjustable bed. Some beds have a programmable remote control, while others are pre-programmed. MEDIchair also offers adjustable beds with a variety of supplementary features, such as massages, night lights and timed muscle relaxation. We also offer a Wall Hugger feature in some of our beds, which gradually shifts the mattress towards the head of the bed. As a result of this movement, your proximity to your nightstand stays the same. It is a relaxed movement and optimizes the available space.

adjustable bed controllerFor your adjustable bed to deliver maximum comfort, you should be able to understand the control features of your bed. You should also be able to use the control wand or remote control with relative ease, since you will often be handling the controls while being in a reclined position. The Medichair team will be able to guide and assist you in deciding on the type of controls and features that best address your needs.

Can I use any mattress my adjustable bed?

Since adjustable beds are flexible and can be used in so many positions, not all mattresses are compatible with these beds. Most memory foam mattresses can be used with adjustable bed frames, but some coil spring mattresses cannot because they cannot effectively mirror the angles of the adjustable base. Once you narrow down your choice of adjustable beds, it is a good idea to look into mattresses that are compatible with it. Using the wrong mattress on an adjustable bed can spoil the mattress and detract from your comfort and sleep.

Will an adjustable bed change the look of my bedroom?

The transition to an adjustable bed is not a disruptive one and will not drastically affect the look of your bedroom since these beds look just like regular beds. Moreover, these beds come in different sizes like Extra-long Twin, Queen and Dual King, which allows you to choose the size that works best for your living space. Some beds like the Rotec Satisfaction II even offer you a choice of deck colours to better fit the aesthetic of your home.

Adjustable beds offer tremendous health benefits and address a variety of medical conditions. If you think you might benefit from one, get in touch with one our specialists at 1-800-667-0087 to get more information about the adjustable beds we offer.