Stairlifts are an effective solution when a set of stairs keeps you from enjoying your whole home. Whether it's a curved or straight rail staircase or even outdoor stairs, there is a stairlift that's perfect for the job. Stairlifts require no home modification to install and fold or park out of the way to allow easy access to others who need to use the stairs. The qualified technicians at your local MEDIchair would be happy remove your household barriers by installing a stairlift system for you today! Ask us for a free, no obligation in-home assessment.

  • an inexpensive solution for anyone who experiences difficulty or pain while using the stairs
  • chairs designed to go up and down staircases, guided by a track mounted directly to the steps, not the wall
  • can be mounted inside or outside on any staircase, straight or curved
  • when not in use, most models allow the seat to be folded up and out of the way
  • available with a variety of features and in a wide range of prices
  • doesn't allow the transport of a wheelchair or mobility device, in which case an inclined platform lift or residential elevator is required.