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Symmetrisleep® helps children and adults to learn to lie straight, improving health and function during the day.
Manufacturer: Symmetrikit

With Symmetisleep® we have avoided the "Contraption trap". Symmetrikit has worked with carers, clients and their therapists over the last 9 years to develop both a system and an entire approach which centre around the needs of the family. It is the sheer simplicity of the system and the "Gentle Art" approach which can be passed on to you to, ensuring the best chance of success in providing night time postural management.

Symmetrisleep® works:

  • In prone, supine or in side lying.
  • On a bed, a cot or in a double bed alongside a parent.With profiling beds or with pressure relieving mattresses (passive or active).

Symmetrisleep® is:

  • Easy to clean and its one piece overmantle protects the mattress below from spillage.
  • Highly portable and easy to install, adjust or remove.
  • Fire retardant
  • Adjustable, comfortable support for those who cannot move easily, family members and carers may be disturbed less frequently.
  • Improved comfort reduces abnormality of tone during the night for easier nights and better mornings.
  • Helps to maintain body symmetry and protects joints from the destructive effects of gravity during the long night hours.
  • Infinitely adjustable for any position and shape, or age of individual.
  • Easy to adjust or put in and take out of the bed.
  • Postural care can continue uninterrupted from babyhood to adult life.
  • Consists of a variety of pressure relieving materials, which can be used to achieve thermal comfort.

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