Otto Bock Patella Pro

The Patella Pro offers a unique therapy approach to anterior knee pain.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The term “anterior knee pain” or “patellofemoral pain syndrome” covers a number of symptoms that cannot be assigned to any one specific structure. At smaller flexion angles of 10 – 30°, when guidance for the patella in the patellofemoral groove is minimal, the risk of maltracking is particularly high.

This is precisely where the Patella Pro comes in: In the relevant physiologi- cal flexion range from 10 – 30°, the patella is guided in the intended physi- ological patellofemoral groove by the dynamic re-centring technology of the orthosis. Strain on frequently inflamed soft tissue is alleviated and knee pain is reduced due to functional relief of the joint structures. The pressure caused by the tracking system does not increase proportionally to the flexion angle. Tilting of the patella and the resulting increased pressure on the joint surfaces are avoided.

The Patella Pro therefore ensures re-centring of the patella throughout the relevant flexion range using biomechanically proven mechanisms – always ensuring the right degree of tracking.


  • Pain free through safe & targeted guiding of the patella in the patellofemoral groove
  • Slim design for optimal comfort even beneath clothing
  • Long term therapy results ensured by avoiding overcorrection & patella tilting
  • Optimal fitting through individual adjustment options
  • Lasting rehabilitation through the targeted Patella Move training program
  • High degree of wearer comfort thanks to the breathable material & low weight
  • Perfect fit due to the unique Vector Grip Effect
  • Highly suitable for everyday use, since it adds minimal bulk beneath clothing


  • Circumference 15 cm above knee: 32-35 cm
  • Circumference 15 cm below knee: 40-44 cm(XS), 44-48cm(S), 48-52 cm(M), 52-56 cm(L), 56-61 cm(XL)


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