Otto Bock Genu Neurexa

Stabilizes your knee & prevents hyperextension.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

When the leg muscles are weakened as the result of a stroke or peripheral nerve damage, walking is often challenging. You perceive instability in the leg and knee; your knee may also hyperextend when you put weight on it.
Here the Genu Neurexa offers optimum support: Skin contact over a large area, metal splints and inelastic straps protect and stabilize your knee. The orthosis prevents hyperextension of the knee joint while movement continues to be possible.

The Genu Neurexa is largely made of the temperature-regulating material PCM (phase change material) which prevents the development of excessive heat. PCM is extremely soft and comfortable, and should be worn directly on the skin in order to take full advantage of the material characteristics.


  • Secure stabilisation
  • Prevents hyperextension of the knee joint
  • Simplifies gait training
  • Stimulates activity
  • Discreet orthosis with an attractive design
  • Soft, temperature-regulating material
  • Machine washable at 40° C.


  • Circumference 6" Below Knee: 12.6-13.8"(XS), 13.8-15"(S), 15-16.1"(M), 16.1-17.3"(L), 17.3-18.9"(XL)
  • Circumference 6" Above Knee: 15.0 – 16.5"(XS), 16.5 – 18.1"(S), 18.1 – 19.7"(M), 19.7 – 21.3"(L), 21.3-22.8"(XL)

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