Otto Bock Manu Immobil

The hand or wrist & finger joints are immobilized in a functional position in order to prevent harmful movements.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The 50P10 Manu Immobil and 50P11 Manu Immobil Long wrist positioning orthoses has been designed for immobilization of the hand and wrist in a functional position. The 50P11 Manu Immobil Long offers additional fixation of the finger joints. Both orthoses can be used for post-operative and post-traumatic immobilization as well as for occupational therapy. Use of the special three-dimensional SpaceTex® spacer fabric ensures high comfort for the patient. SpaceTex® is breathable and has excellent padding qualities. The orthoses are lightweight and – since the pad and straps are washable – offer good hygienic properties.


  • Good immobilization in a functional position
  • The integrated steel bar offers an individual adjustment in the area of the wrist & metacarpophalangeal joints
  • Excellent padding qualities thanks to the three-dimensional SpaceTex® spacer fabric
  • Air permeability
  • Good adjustability
  • High comfort
  • Washable pads & straps
  • Lightweight


  • Hand Length: up to 7.09" (M), from 7.09"(L)

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