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Otto Bock Omo Immobil

Thanks to numerous adjustment options, shoulder joint immobilisation can be customised to the needs of each patient.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The Omo Immobil gives you a single solution for patients who need precise shoulder positioning due to multiple surgical and non-surgical indications. The Omo Immobil makes it simple to provide abduction and external rotation so you have the options you need in a single Orthosis. In addition to its wide array of applications, the Omo Ommobil’s comfortable design helps increase patient compliance.


  • Easily adapts for left or right shoulder, which helps you reduce stock volume
  • Five abduction angles options: 0°, 15°, 30°, 60° or 90°
  • Three external rotation options: 10°, 20° or 30°
  • Simplified patient fittings because there are no tools required
  • Low profile, slim design
  • Breathable, washable, removable cover for increased patient compliance
  • Waist belt reduces load of the shoulder strap on the neck for greater patient compliance
  • External rotation can be used in any combination with all abduction angles


  • Body Height-S: 58.8-64.5"
  • Body Height-M:  64.5-68.5"
  • Body Height-L: 68.5"

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