Ceiling lifts to transfer patients safely and comfortably are ideal solutions, whether portable or fixed. See our selection below.

Otto Bock Epi Flex

Developed to relieve the pressure on the tendon & for relieving pain.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The Epi Flex orthosis was especially developed to relieve the pressure on the tendon and for relieving pain.


  • Semi rigid plastic elbow strap
  • Easy to apply and adapt
  • Covered by neoprene on the inside, which is warming & prevents migration


  • Circumference of Elbow-S: 24-25 cm
  • Circumference of Elbow-M: 26-27 cm
  • Circumference of Elbow-L: 28-30 cm
  • Circumference of Elbow-XL: 31-33cm



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