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ResMed S9 Elite ™

Its sleek contours and compact size, looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio.
Manufacturer: Resmed

The S9 Elite™ features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system noise. Designed for a more natural breathing experience, the S9 Elite’s enhanced Easy-Breathe technology delivers whisper-quiet therapy from the device and the mask. This means a more restful night for both you and your partner. With its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 Elite looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio.


  • Expiratory pressure relief (EPR™) adjusts pressure for maximum comfort
  • Climate Control maintains ideal humidification according to real-time environment
  • Easy-Breathe motor offers the quietest therapy available
  • Easy-to-use controls and color LCD make menu navigation simple and intuitive
  • SlimLIne ™and ClimateLine™ tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drag


  • Modes of Operation: CPAP w/ EPR™
  • Whisper-quiet operation: 24dBA
  • Automatic altitude adjustment: Auto
  • EPR with Easy-Breathe waveform: Yes
  • Ramp (0-45 min, 5 min increments): Yes
  • Recurring patient reminders: Yes
  • International voltage (110-240V): Yes
  • 12V DC input (via converter): Yes
  • Automatic leak compensation: Yes
  • SmartStart™/Stop feature: Yes
  • Mask fit feature: Yes
  • Sleep quality indicator: Yes
  • Integrated Humidification: H5i
  • Tubing Standard: Yes
  • Tubing SlimLine™: Yes
  • Tubing ClimateLine: Yes
  • Compliance data on device (365 sessions): Yes
  • Sleep report (365 sessions on screen): Yes
  • Efficacy data on data card; 30 nights
  • High resolution row data (via SD card): 7 nights



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