Runners for all wheelchairs
and buggies worldwide...
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

Product Description: 

Snow and ice have slowed down many. But for wheelchair users, they have often constituted an insurmountable obstacle. The small front wheels sink in easily, the wheelchair slides and is hard to steer. Of course the same applies to strollers and rehab buggies. Many wheelchair users have been confined to their homes when winter reveals itself in all its glory.

With the Wheelblades by inventor Patrick Mayer, you are mobile in the winter wonderland. These high-quality skis prevent sinking in and permit easier steering. All common wheelchairs and buggies on the market worldwide can be mounted
on the runners with a single click.

Wheelblades are small, high-quality skis for wheelchairs and buggies. But rather than shoes, the small front wheels of the wheelchair or buggy are mounted on the runners. Bindings for various sizes are available, just like with skis.
Wheelblades fit all common wheelchairs, strollers and rehab buggies worldwide (wheel width from 1.8 to 6). The wheels attach with a click.


• More freedom, more activity
• For all common wheelchair models worldwide
• Installed in seconds
• Easy control, good steering
• Lightweight, handy, portable
• Trouble-free even when pushing


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