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The NOA LTC Light

The newest high/low bed system that quickly rises from a low of 8.5" to a high of 25".
Manufacturer: Noa Medical

Fully Adjustable. The four motors provides your residents with comfort positioning at the head and foot area, as well as height adjustment. High-Impact head and foot boards with quick release. Included as standard with the NOA LTC Light adding to the cost effectiveness of this new bed system from NOA Medical. Able to effectively meet the needs of your clinical staff as well, the LTC Light provides a safe working load of 450 lbs. and offers a number of quality standard accessories as well. Bed system package includes the deck and frame, the electronics, mattress stays at corners, one handset and high-impact head and foot boards in one of five standard wood grain inset colors all for one low price.


  • Rises from a low of 8.5" to a high of 25"
  • Has 4 DC Motors that provide elevation, head and foot adjustment
  • Has a sturdy flat vented deck providing a solid sleep surface and mattress ventilation
  • Is 35" wide by 80" long
  • Locking Casters
  • Can be moved in any position
  • Easy to clean and disinfect


  • Bed Width: 35"
  • Bed Width, with side rails: 40.0"
  • Bed Width, with assist bars: 36.5"
  • Sleep Deck Length: 80.0"
  • Overall Bed Length: 84.5"
  • Deck Height Range: 8.5" to 25"
  • Safe Working Load: 450 lbs

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