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BHM Medical Ergolift-II & Ergolift 600

With its motorized features and easy maneuvering capability, the Ergolift may be the lift for you!
Manufacturer: BHM Medical

Looking for a high quality, mobile floor lift that can lift 400 pounds and handle the majority of your needs? With its motorized features and easy maneuvering capability, the Ergolift is the one for you!

Its ergonomic shape and outstanding features give you the opportunity to use the Ergolift anywhere, at any time. Plus its wide-opening base allows easy access to wider bariatric chairs.

For bariatric needs, the Ergolift 600 WO (wide opening), with its wider base offers a lifting capacity of 600 pounds.


  • Dual Controls
  • Emergency Shut-Off
  • Soft start & stop movement
  • Manual Emergency Lowering Device


  • Hoisting Height at Connecting Points: 20.5" - 70.5"
  • Total Lift Height: 55"
  • Base Height: 4.25"
  • Base Total Length: 49"
  • External Base Width (legs closed): 20"
  • External Base Width (legs open): 38.5"
  • Internal Base Width (legs closed): 24"
  • Internal Base Width (legs open): 42.5"
  • Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs, 116.6 lbs.
  • Weight: 116.6 lbs., 600 lbs.
  • Base Material: Steel
  • Rechargeable & removable battery pack: (2X) 12VDC, 7Ah
  • Charger: Integrated, plug in lift
  • Battery capacity with load of 180 kg / 400 lb / 28.66 st: Up to 80-100 Lifts per charge
  • Low battery warning indicator: Visual
  • Charge input: 120 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 A max.
  • Charge indicator: Visual

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