KCI AtmosAir™ with SAT™ 9000A

Self-Adjusting Technology™ combined with alternating pressure
Manufacturer: KCI

The KCI AtmosAir with SAT 9000A utilizes an “open-pressurized”, Self-Adjusting Technology (SAT) system consisting of nine transversely positioned cylinders located under the shoulders, torso and seat. Therapy performance of the AtmosAir with SAT 9000A is enhanced with the addition of a manifold system and an air pump to provide alternating pressure on demand.


  • Alternating pressure therapy relieves pressure at different anatomical sites for short periods by sequentially inflating and deflating air filled cylinders7
  • Self-Adjusting Technology helps maximize body weight displacement and minimize tissue interface pressure by automatically reacting to body movement, altitude and temperature by adjusting the internal air pressure
  • Nine air cylinders offer additional support under the shoulders, torso and seat through non-powered pressure redistribution via nine zones of horizontal pressure redistribution
  • Firm perimeter provides seating support for the caregiver or patient
  • Sloped heel section helps to transfer weight off of the delicate heel and onto the calf and thigh area of the leg


  • Air Pump Output: 8 liters per minute
  • Air Pump Cycle Time: 10 minutes
  • Meets Canadian Standards for Mattress Combustion, No. 27.7, In compliance with the Hazardous Products Act
  • Available with an optional fire sleeve
  • Warranty: Five year warranty
  • Cover Choices: TheraTex™ Mattress Cover: offers highly durable low MVTR coverlet with Teflon®; Recovery5™ multi-way stretch: A higher MVT, multi-directional stretch material for enhanced patient immersion and pressure redistribution
  • Bottom Choices Standard: A 10 oz. non-skid bottom material (recommended for use on smooth, pan-type bed frame)
  • Bottom Choices Optional: A 12 oz. vinyl bottom material (recommended for use on spring-type bed frame)

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