Otto Bock Genu Direxa

Innovative materials stabilise the knee & assure ultimate wearer comfort.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

Do you suffer from knee complaints with slight to moderate ligament laxities and / or slight to moderate feelings of instability? Then the Genu Direxa is ideal for you.

This modern support provides pain relief, improves knee joint function and achieves sensomotoric performance improvements through controlled compression.

The innovative material is another highlight - it is breathable and simultaneously exerts sufficient pressure to stabilise your knee. Thanks to the especially soft lining material, wearer comfort is assured even during long-term use.


  • Sensomotoric performance improvements through controlled compression
  • Pain relief and enhancement of knee joint function
  • Innovative material that is breathable and simultaneously provides compression
  • Two flexible, circular straps
  • Concealed joint bars (suitable for contact sports)


  • Circumference 5.9" Below Centre of Knee: 11.4-12.6"(XXS), 12.6-13.8"(XS), 13.8-15"(S), 15-16.1"(M), 16.1-17.3"(L), 17.3-18.9"(XL), 18.9-20.1"(XXL)
  • Circumference 5.9" Above Centre of Knee: 14.2-15.8"(XXS), 15.8-17.3"(XS), 17.3-18.9"(S), 18.9-20.5"(M), 2-.5-22"(L),22-24"(XL), 24-26.4"(XXL)

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