Otto Bock Genu Direxa Stable

Innovative materials stabilize the knee & assure ultimate wearer comfort.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The Genu Direxa Stable product line offers the best possible fittings in case of moderate ligament laxities. Innovative materials stabilize the knee and assure ultimate wearer comfort.


  • Two inelastic circular strap systems
  • Concealed joint bars (suitable for contact sports)
  • Breathable material
  • Ultimate wearing comfort, even in the hollow of the knee
  • Wraparound version for patients with limited hand grip & limited mobility
  • Closed version with pocket grip for easy orthosis positioning
  • Polycentric joints with incremental extension and flexion limitation (extension 0°;10°; 20°; 30°; 45°) (flexion 0°; 10°; 20°; 30°; 45°; 60°; 75°; 90°)


  • Circumference 5.9" below knee: 11.4-12.6"(XXS), 12.6-13.8"(XS), 13.8-15"(S), 15-16.1"(M), 16.1-17.3"(L), 17.3-18.9"(XL), 18.9-20.1"(XXL)
  • Circumference 5.9" above knee: 14.2-15.8"(XXS), 15.8-17.3"(XS), 17.3-18.9"(S), 18.9-20.5"(M) 20.5-22"(L), 22-24"(XL), 24-26.4"(XXL)

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