Otto Bock Manu Sensa

The Manu Sensa wrist support compresses the wrist & promotes muscular stabilisation.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The form-knitted 50P13N Manu Sensa active support compresses and stabilizes your customer's wrist. With its integrated plastic splint, it keeps the hand in the anatomically correct position and limits wrist movement. The constant micro-massage is most pronounced in the wrist area. It is significantly reduced in the hand and forearm areas. Combined with the open-mesh section around the sensitive wrist bone, these so-called compression zones assure an optimum, wrinkle-free fit and high level of wearer comfort for the support. The optional flexible wrist strap provides additional wrist stabilization.


  • Compresses the wrist & promotes muscular stabilization
  • Relieves pain and supports functional improvement of the wrist
  • Custom hand positioning and wrist movement limitation in the palmar direction
  • SKINGUARD® technology: Skin-friendly, antibacterial and odour-inhibiting
  • Integrated pad in the radial area
  • Washable


  • Wrist Circumference-XS: 14-15cm
  • Wrist Circumference-S: 15-16 cm
  • Wrist Circumference-M: 16-17 cm
  • Wrist Circumference-L: 17-18 cm
  • Wrist Circumference-XL: 18-19 cm
  • Wrist Circumference-XXL: 19-20 cm

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