Orthex Symbia 03 Relaxation Pillow

Innovative posture pillows improving sleep quality and relaxation.
Manufacturer: Orthex

When lying on your side, place the cushion between your knees, in the manner which provides maximum support and relaxation. Duration of use varies according to individual needs.

Misalignment of the legs causes lumbar tension. It is therefore preferable to position the body in a way that reduces tension. This cushion works to correctly support the legs and knees.

Knees are a sensitive articulation. Sleeping on your side can then cause pain and discomfort. The specially calculated thickness and density of this cushion ensure the ideal support.

A misaligned pelvis due to inappropriate knee position is another major source of discomfort. Optimal alignment of the pelvis can be attained with the proper support.
Perfect size and fit


  • Incomparable comfort and softness
  • Innovative viscose cover made from Bamboo, antibacterial and reduces perspiration
  • High quality memory foam embraces body curves
  • Studied composition to ensure the perfect balance between comfort and support


  • Usage: Support from the knees to the ankles. Use all night.
  • Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defects and/or abnormal sagging of foam.
  • Dimensions: Width 09” x Length 19” x Height 03”
  • Choice of model: One size fits all
  • Composition Support Structure: High density polyurethane foam. Comfort layer: High density Viscoelastic foam (memory foam).

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