Otto Bock Genu Arexa

Stabilizes the joint & offers a movement limitation option – with a high level of wearer comfort.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

The knee orthosis Genu Arexa 50K13 is used for the functional treatment of anterior crutiate ligament (ACL) injuries. It stabilizes the joint and offers a movement limitation option. Furthermore, the Genu Arexa is indicated after collateral ligament injuries (MCL, LCL) and capsular ligament injuries. It can also be used for relief after meniscus reconstructions.


  • Used for the functional treatment of anterior crutiate ligament (ACL) and collateral ligament (MCL, LCL) injuries
  • Joint stabilization with optional movement limitation of the knee joint
  • Easy handling
  • Auto-adaptive plastic wings
  • Anatomical tibia cushions
  • High comfort
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Click 2 Go System
  • TechnoGel Kondyle Pad
  • Height adjustable Tibia Pad/Shank Strap


  • Circumference Knee Joint: 12.5"-14.5"(S), 14.5"-16.25"(M), 16.25"-17.25"(L), 18"-19.75"(XL), 19.75"-22"(XXL)
  • Circumference 6" above mid-patella: 15.35"-18", 18"-20.75", 20.75"-24", 24"-27", 27"-31"

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