Otto Bock Dorso Osteo Care

With the help of the orthosis, you can once again straighten your upper body.
Manufacturer: Otto Bock

Osteoporosis is also known as atrophy of the bone. The bone mass decreases and the bone structure deteriorates, and as a result the density of the bone and thus its load capacity decrease. In the advanced stages of the disease, even slight stress or light falls can result in fractures. However, there are good options available for treatment today. Prevention is especially important, and during the early stages of osteoporosis it is important to take steps against the progress of the disease. Muscle activity should be promoted and utilized. We have developed the Dorso Osteo Care 50R20 orthosis for this purpose.


  • Supports active straightening of the upper body
  • Muscular training promotes bone preservation
  • Reduces risk of falling & fractures
  • High level of wearer comfort
  • Practically invisible under clothing
  • Easy to put on
  • Breathable & skin-friendly material


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